At Agricamp Picobello

At Agricamp Picobello

At Agricamp Picobello you do not particularly have to do something but you never get bored

Table Tennis: The table tennis table is situated under cover in a beautiful location. A great place to enjoy some lively matches.

Slack line: Test you balance skills on our 10 meter slack line. Just a few centimeters wide and guaranteed to push your balance to the limit. Who will make it without falling?

Playground: There is plenty of space for a game of football, volleyball or badminton, etc.

Hammock house: What is better than a day doing nothing? There is a “hammock house” where you can relax, read a book, listen to music or just take a nap. There are several hammocks hanging in the shade for general use and when it gets too hot then jump under the outdoor shower to cool off.

Terrace: Opposite the house is a terrace. A nice place to sit in the evening. The ideal place to meet your fellow campers and have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or something stronger. Time passes without notice.

Hiking: These activitie is found in or nearby the National Park Monti Sibillini.

Cycling: Discover the local country side from the saddle of your bycicle.

Walking from Agricamp Picobello: From the campsite you can escape into nature and reach the Indaco stream just a few steps away. If you follow this beautiful creek you will find yourself in a totally different world. Building dams and enjoying the cool shade, only a short distance from your tent.
Another option is to walk uphill to Montelparo and visit the local bar for a refreshment.

Mountain hikes: In the Monti Sibillini National Park you can make beautiful hikes. There is an information folder with detailed hikes available where you can take a copy with you in consultation with Erna. She knows all the tours and can give you extensive information. There are easy walks, medium and strenuous walks to make.

It is also possible to go into the mountains with a guide.
A walking map is available and for sale at Picobello.

Wine tasting: Elisabetta and Gabriele, our neighbors, built a brand new “cantina” in 2011 and are making price winning local wines. Vitali and Agricamp Picobello have teamed up to offer you a wonderful package.
A short guided tour through the vineyard where you will see the different varieties of grapes and learn how to maintain a vineyard, then a relaxed and informal tasting of the Le Marche wines in a very cosy atmosphere featuring different cheeses and meats from the area. We conclude with a coffee and a sip of “Vino Cotto “, the dessert wine of the region . As mentioned this is a unique experience compiled and conceived by Vitali and Picobello, friends and entrepreneurs with a great passion for their work .

Eating together: We organise a night at a local farmhouse to have dinner together. Here you can taste the real “Le Marche” cuisine and experience genuine Italian hospitality. Enjoy!

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