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Guestbook Agricamp Picobello

Quotes from our real guestbook as present at Agricamp Picobello


August 2017
Sietske and Ruben;
We enjoyed the peace and quiet, the sound of the crickets, the stars and the beautiful nature.
Jos and Vincent, Casper and Evelien;
The holiday was unbelievable, everything was A-OKAY! This is all due to but 1 thing; your warm interest and full dedication to your guests, thanks, thanks, thanks!
Irma and Fred, Pleun and Meg;
What a beautiful place and surrounding area. We have entertained us well and hope to come back again soon.

July 2017
Jeroen and Marga;
In one word: GREAT!
Luc and Bianca, Xander, Collin, Kjell and Lennart;
We’ve had many pleasant surprises, gastronomic and ‘active ‘.
Hanneke and Robbert;
Every time it’s like coming home, …so far from home.

June 2017
Anita and Jurjen;
The surroundings are really indescribable beautiful. We have had a pleasant stay in the Shell.
Monique and Wil;
What a great week we had with you here; wonderful weather, good company and an attentive and friendly hostess.
Nelleke and Luc;
The environment is very diverse and wonderful. ‘ Hospitality ‘ is your Erna in the blood!
Fenna and Moniek;
For the first time in years we were back with the whole family on holiday. We have enjoyed good weather, good food, pretty villages and had lots of fun.
Emmely, Jasper and Karel;
What we enjoyed the fantastic views, the spacious place and the beautiful surroundings.

May 2017
Rineke and Bert;
The Shell is quite right and your hospitality Erna, really the best!
Frobert en Josje;
After a few years came the homesickness to Picobello and again we have thoroughly enjoyed this amazing place!
Esther en Edwin;
We have had a wonderful week thanks to your good tips Erna! Until next time.

April 2017
Thanks for 10 beautiful days in the B & B and certainly hope to see you soon again!
‘Bike and Builderteam’;
We have beautiful rides and lots of fun!

JW and Katinka, september 2016
We enjoyed our stay in the Shell very much, it really is fantastic!
Steef and Linda, september 2016
Thanks dear Erna, you took really good care of us during our stay in the B&B
Bram, Christine, Daniel and Martha, august 2016
It was lovely, 17 days long we enjoyed camping at Picobello!
Patricia, Raymond, Kevin and Tristan, august 2016
We camped 3 weeks at Picobello and it is true; this is a beautiful area!
Dorien and Rob, july 2016
Erna is a great hostess who knows the area very well.
WIneke, june 2016
It feels like coming home and we will be back next year!
Jorgen, may 2016
Picobello has become a fantastic camping!
Peter, Kristof and Matthias, april 2016
It was unforgettable!!
Theo, Otto, Melvin, Jurjen and Diede, april 2016
We where here for the 5th time, cycling! It’s always great!!

Willy and Koert, june 2015
(2th time)
After 7 years still your great hospitality. Camping the way it should be!
Moniek, june 2015

After one week staying with my parents at Picobello I understand why they do come back every time.
Grieteke and Ewout, june 2015 (3th time)
For the 3th time here and the first time in the B & B; we we’re spoiled
Ellen, Hessel, Loïc and Ypke, may 2015

We’ve found a new passion in climbing thanks to Rob. For us the best campsite ever and we will be back next year
Anke, Marc, Frank and Nienke, may 2015

All the stories we’ve heard about sweet Erna and climbing expert Rob are true

Tess, august 2014 (4th time)
I don’t wanna leave, this is my home
Jolanda, Dick, Don and Tess, august 2014 (4th time)
Again it was great; next year again for the 5th time
Janny and Henk, july 2014
Planned to stay only a couple of days… we stayed two weeks
Mieke and Henk, june 2014 (2th time)
Henk said this morning: silence, green, birds… most beautiful campsite in Italy
Jan-Willem and Katinka, june 2014 (10th time)
10 times Picobello and never boaring – See you next summer!
Tine and Jan, may 2014

Time passed by so fast. If there’s a place to come back to than it will be Picobello
Eva, Bart and Maas, may 2014 (2th time)
Rent a Tent; one word: SUPER!
Jovanka and Dirk-Jan, april 2014 (9th time)
Best campsite in the world… and beyond

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