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Guestbook Agricamp Picobello

Quotes (also translated) from our real guestbook as present at Agricamp Picobello

Thank you so much for the fantastic stay at the Shell. You have a crazy place here and we felt completely at home (especially because of your hospitality).
We are going to recommend this to all our friends and definitely plan to come to you again!
Sanne and Wouter / May 2023

When you hear such wonderful stories from your father and aunt every year, you have to go and see this with your own eyes and now we understand where the enthusiasm comes from.
What a beautiful place, it feels familiar here and there is still so much for us to discover that we will definitely return!
Liesbeth and Joris / May 2023

Again at this fantastic campsite, we enjoyed the peace, the mountains, the sea and the beautiful villages. Until next time!
Marjo and Johan June / 2023

For the third time we enjoyed the surroundings and the hospitality. Thank you and until next time!
Mieke and Bas / June 2023

Thanks for the pleasant days we spent here again with our tent. Wonderfully quiet, beautiful greenery, beautiful surroundings and a wide view. It did us good!
We also benefited a lot from your useful advice. We will definitely come back again!
Maria and Wim / July 2023

For the first time we stayed at Picobello, the most beautiful campsite we have ever stayed at. A little paradise! We spotted the green woodpecker, the golden oriole and the hoopoe on our field!!!
Josefien and Bernard / July 2023

Thank you for the hospitality and conviviality! We enjoyed and really unwinded!
Dorine and Laurens / August 2023

It was nice and how quickly it went again, far too quickly. We spent 22 nights camping and enjoyed all the beautiful places we hadn’t discovered yet.
Saskia and Alex / August 2023

After years, we returned again and we wonder why we waited so long. We enjoyed ourselves and will be back next year!!!
Mardou and Paul / September 2023

A great campsite in great surroundings that you can never get enough of!
Lisa and Ton / September 2023

The first guests of 2022! We had a wonderful holiday and we got to enjoy your hospitality and it was great!
Diane, Bauke and Youri

The Shell is fantastic and then the nature around you, views, complete silence but sounds of birds, insects and leaves…. delicious! We will be back!
Maja and Pitou

We enjoyed the campsite, what peace and quiet! Thanks for the hospitality and the hiking tips!
Melle and Michelle

What a nice place this is. We enjoyed the peace, the mountains, the nice villages, the nice coffees and of course your warm hospitality.
Ingrid and Ben

Our holiday is unfortunately over already, how quickly it went and how much we enjoyed it! We met old friends, had great evenings in the chat house and made beautiful walks with wonderful views! Thanks Erna!
Anneke and Rob

Thank you for the wonderful welcome, the beautiful place and the nice evenings together. We enjoyed from Top to Toe.
Dina and Cees

For the 7th time this year we stayed at Picobello again, as often said ; it feels like coming home here! The peace, space and cosiness we find here is rare. Again, we have seen a lot and continue to be impressed by the surroundings.
Elly and Hans

Our first! What a little paradise, beautiful birds and butterflies and what a space! Nice clean sanitary facilities and how nice that there is a hiking booklet for guests. Thanks for letting us enjoy your paradise with you!
Francien and Hendrik

First we made a long journey, then we ended up in paradise. You and Orso expecting us, sunflowers smiling at us. Enormous space, views and peace, tremendously enjoyed, coming back is a must!
Birgit and Jacques

After 9 years back in this fantastic place. Wonderfully enjoyed nature, hospitality, surroundings and Orso.
According to Floris even the sweetest dog in the world. We will definitely be back!
Mirjam and Bjorn

Tim & Isabelle;
What a beautiful place you have here. We really enjoyed the beautiful view, the delicious mulberries and your hospitality.
We felt very welcome! Your tips have helped us to discover the area!

Emiel & Froukje;
It was fantastic again. We have enjoyed this heavenly place again. See you soon!

Jan & Karin;
What a beautiful place you have created here, we have really loosened up from everything and the beautiful natural location, the peace, the friendliness of other campers but above all your hospitality, expertise and interest contribute to this.

Fred, Carla and Carlijn;
Time has flown by, Orso’s welcome was overwhelming and Carlijn immediately fell in love with the kittens. We will reminisce for a long time and the Shell was great!

Jeroen & Anneli;
What a wonderful time we had at Picobello in Le Marche. Time has flown by and that’s a good sign.
We were here for the 5th time and we saw many new places. On the road bike you take in the landscape even better.
Thank you very much for your hospitality and see you soon.

Hanneke & Peter;
There are few words needed, it was again a great experience. Be proud of your beautiful place!

Karin & Leo;
What a wonderful place we have found at your campsite, which you run with such passion.
At any time you are ready for any question or just for a chat. You are a super-hostess!
We had a wonderful time and would love to come back.

Ricardo & Mark;
By chance we ended up here at your fantastic Agricamping with a warm welcome and beautiful views.
We are completely at rest and want to thank you again for the unique and nice stay and we would like to come back.

Reza & Christel;
What a beautiful place this is! We enjoyed the campsite and the surroundings. It was the first time and probably not the last!
Everything is possible and nothing is obliged, wonderful!

Frank & Renée;
Jeannette and Koen told us about your Paradise and it was the best advice we have received in a long time!
We are speechless of all the nice things here, the peace, the terrain, the fresh sanitary and of course the sweet dogs Orso and Leo.
We will definitely come back!

For the umpteenth time with you. First the tent, then the gypsy wagon and now the B&B. Like every time, we’ve been pampered wonderfully by you and we’ve received great tips. Thanks for everything!

Season 2020

Raymond, Patricia, Kevin and Tristan
It was another great holiday at this campsite. Highlight was the walk to Lago di Pilato. Dear Erna and Orso, thank you for your hospitality.

Irma & Fred
It is always special to be able to stay in Picobello, this Corona year all the way! It was like glamping with its own shower, toilet and washbasin. We’ll definitely be back!

Angelique and Huub
We enjoyed, again this year, this fantastically beautiful area, the warm weather, delicious food, the Italian mentality, the beautiful cycling tours Huub has been able to make but above all the cosiness and your hospitality.

Rense, Alina, Lisa and Marlou
Thank you for this wonderful holiday! We enjoyed the fantastic views and the nature reserves ! The girls climbed ‘Lame Rosse’ and how proud they are!

Caroline and Marc
Thank you for all your good care, the stay in the B&B was delicious as was breakfast! And what a view of the mountains we also visited ; fantastic!

Pyotr & Antoinette
Connecting and saying goodbye, that’s something you are very good at; social and involved with every guest. Thanks for everything and what a great BBQ it was!

Ellis and Steffen
We are delighted that the Corona stress has not prevented us from travelling to Italy. Picobello is a lovely location where we enjoyed the peace and quiet. Cycling we explored the surroundings, every village has a view that gives satisfaction!

September 2019
Gerda & Frank
Orso received us frankly…
Also afterwards Orso was always happy…
Afterwards too Orso was very attentive…
Afterwards too Orso was very sweet…
Also afterwards Thank you for the service and the delicious coffee!


August 2019
Rineke & Bert, Pieter, Laurens, Charlotte, Bart and Maurits
It was again a fantastic holiday on Picobello, nice and quiet and social. The tenth time is definitely coming!

Thank you for the nice and beautiful vacation spot, I’ve had a good time here and will definitely be back.

Teele, Coby & Laurens
We find it very special how you run this campsite, always cheerful to the guests. We were able to relax and explore a region that we didn’t know yet! In addition, great swimming in the sea. You are awesome!

Gerben, Maaike, Kasper & Hugo
Our very first time in Italy and immediately at the best campsite, we are “ruined”. We really enjoyed the peace at the campsite and have completely recovered. Thank you for your hospitality, good luck and a hug for Orso.

Dorien & Evert
Thank you for letting us enjoy your paradise. Wonderful peace, warmth and coziness and how we enjoyed your hospitality.

July 2019
Trudy & Kees
Your explanation of the area is fantastic. Partly because of you we really got to know Italy. We come back because where did we catch such a fantastic camping spot.

Janneke & John
Our promise of 10 years ago has been delivered and we make a new appointment to come back. There is a wonderful atmosphere and of course hostess Erna, fantastic.

Spread the word: Picobello must stay that way.

Elly & Hans
After being “Picobello-less” for a few years, it felt like coming home again. And now also met that sweet, enthusiastic Orso. We had great weather.

Nathalie, Kristof & Renske
Time goes fast here but it was great! Thank you for your coziness, hospitality and good care. We don’t say goodbye but goodbye!

June 2019
Ineke & Emile
After our umpteenth stay here (tent, B&B, Shell) it is always full of pleasant surprises due to the hospitality and the possibility of fantastic walks. We are happy to come again!

Ineke & Pieter
Picobello is truly a top campsite in all respects! We found peace and walked in the Monte Sibillini but we were unable to do everything so … coming back is a must!

Yvon and Dries
We enjoyed the beautiful campsite, the peace and simplicity. Thanks for this great place, absolutely keep it that way!

Mary & Huub
We always feel very happy here and we hope it will be given to us to come back to this wonderful place more often. Thank you very much and all the best!

Jeannette & Koen
We think there is no campsite that can match Picobello and we already know that we would like to come back next year.

Petra & Bert
Thank you very much for everything, you are a top woman, great and what a beautiful campsite. We come back!

May 2019
Hense & Monique
We had the privilege of being the first B&B guests this year. It was our first visit to Picobello but certainly not our last. We enjoyed!

Ina & Jan
On our trip through Italy, it was really “coming home” in Le Marche. We again enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the care of Erna.

September 2018
Hero and Marcel
Afterwards, there is the explanation to give you the holiday feeling and everything that goes with it. Awesome! Once and for all! Picobello, Erna, Parbat and Kili; not out of sight, not out of mind !!

August 2018
Koen and Jeannette
It was our third time and certainly not the last time. We have had a wonderful time here again, I think I am in paradise and we have come to relax. Thank you for 100% enjoying your beautiful and well-kept campsite and hope to see you soon! Margreeth and Hans For the first time in Le Marche and how beautiful it is here! The mountains, the beach, the views and certainly also the tranquility. We understand that you have been here for 15 years. Thank you for your hospitality, your explanation of this area and your recommendations of places we could go and the restaurants where we could eat. It was a great holiday and we would like to say: goodbye!

Henk Jan and Marjolijn
What a wonderful holiday we had on your campsite, it is nothing short of fantastic here. Our children Joost and Lise indicated that they found this campsite the nicest and that also applies to us! Thanks!

Again this year it was great. I picked up daddy with ping pong 🙂 I’m going to miss you and Parbat and Kili.

Ineke, Robert and Jort
We enjoyed the peace at this campsite. Great tips for walking, driving and eating. Afterwards you were great, always! Jort even received a gift for his birthday. In short, a wonderful holiday.

July 2018
Wiggele and Fransina
What would only become 3 nights has become 13 nights because of the atmosphere, the people, nature and of course because of you. You have a wonderful place to relax and the area offers so many beautiful things, the trip to the piano Grande was phenomenal. Thanks for everything!

David, Thomas and Annelies
We chose this campsite based on the Zoover rating and you are more than worth 9.8 with your campsite. We enjoyed the peace at the campsite and the atmosphere that you convey. We say; do not change anything and keep doing that, we will definitely be back. The region is so versatile and we have not seen everything yet.

Mieke and Kees
We really enjoyed the wonderful place at your beautiful campsite, what a rest! The pleasant trips (village party with band and wine tasting) cooked it all off.

The Terlien sisters
After 2 weeks in the nice rental tent, we now unfortunately have to go home again. You have the most beautiful and finest campsite we have ever been to and we have been camping for 55 years … Nowhere else did we feel so welcome and everything was arranged so lovingly and with so much care and attention by you. See you next year!

June 2018
Hijmen and Ditha
Thank you for your hospitality, good care and friendliness! We again enjoyed nature, mountains, the sea, beautiful villages and the delicious food.

Huub and Mary
For the 5th time we have enjoyed your hospitality, your love for the people and the good organization of the campsite! As “oldest campers” of Picobello, we would love to come back! Karin and Bram Back after 9 years, we enjoyed our 3 weeks. You are and will always be a fantastic hostess and you have shown us nice and beautiful things. Picobello had a warm place in our hearts and that only got warmer during this vacation.

Nelleke and Tiemen
It was 3 wonderful weeks in this infinitely beautiful landscape with its wonderful people of which you are 1!

April and May 2018
Wim and Wendy Been to Picobello for the first time in the real preseason. We have seen the spring open, what a rest! Made beautiful walks in the snowy Sibillini. It was wonderful to be with you again.

Eveline and Cor
What a great place and what a great welcoming reception. Thank you per tutti. We say; see you next time!

Hennie and Jeannette
We come on the recommendation of our daughter and son-in-law, with high expectations. They have been amply achieved! Thank you for your warm welcome, the many tips for day trips and restaurants.

August 2017
Sietske and Ruben;
We enjoyed the peace and quiet, the sound of the crickets, the stars and the beautiful nature.
Jos and Vincent, Casper and Evelien;
The holiday was unbelievable, everything was A-OKAY! This is all due to but 1 thing; your warm interest and full dedication to your guests, thanks, thanks, thanks!
Irma and Fred, Pleun and Meg;
What a beautiful place and surrounding area. We have entertained us well and hope to come back again soon.

July 2017
Jeroen and Marga;
In one word: GREAT!
Luc and Bianca, Xander, Collin, Kjell and Lennart;
We’ve had many pleasant surprises, gastronomic and ‘active ‘.
Hanneke and Robbert;
Every time it’s like coming home, …so far from home.

June 2017
Anita and Jurjen;
The surroundings are really indescribable beautiful. We have had a pleasant stay in the Shell.
Monique and Wil;
What a great week we had with you here; wonderful weather, good company and an attentive and friendly hostess.
Nelleke and Luc;
The environment is very diverse and wonderful. ‘ Hospitality ‘ is your Erna in the blood!
Fenna and Moniek;
For the first time in years we were back with the whole family on holiday. We have enjoyed good weather, good food, pretty villages and had lots of fun.
Emmely, Jasper and Karel;
What we enjoyed the fantastic views, the spacious place and the beautiful surroundings.

May 2017
Rineke and Bert;
The Shell is quite right and your hospitality Erna, really the best!
Frobert en Josje;
After a few years came the homesickness to Picobello and again we have thoroughly enjoyed this amazing place!
Esther en Edwin;
We have had a wonderful week thanks to your good tips Erna! Until next time.

April 2017
Thanks for 10 beautiful days in the B & B and certainly hope to see you soon again!
‘Bike and Builderteam’;
We have beautiful rides and lots of fun!

JW and Katinka, september 2016
We enjoyed our stay in the Shell very much, it really is fantastic!
Steef and Linda, september 2016
Thanks dear Erna, you took really good care of us during our stay in the B&B
Bram, Christine, Daniel and Martha, august 2016
It was lovely, 17 days long we enjoyed camping at Picobello!
Patricia, Raymond, Kevin and Tristan, august 2016
We camped 3 weeks at Picobello and it is true; this is a beautiful area!
Dorien and Rob, july 2016
Erna is a great hostess who knows the area very well.
WIneke, june 2016
It feels like coming home and we will be back next year!
Jorgen, may 2016
Picobello has become a fantastic camping!
Peter, Kristof and Matthias, april 2016
It was unforgettable!!
Theo, Otto, Melvin, Jurjen and Diede, april 2016
We where here for the 5th time, cycling! It’s always great!!

Willy and Koert, june 2015
(2th time)
After 7 years still your great hospitality. Camping the way it should be!
Moniek, june 2015

After one week staying with my parents at Picobello I understand why they do come back every time.
Grieteke and Ewout, june 2015 (3th time)
For the 3th time here and the first time in the B & B; we we’re spoiled
Ellen, Hessel, Loïc and Ypke, may 2015

We’ve found a new passion in climbing thanks to Rob. For us the best campsite ever and we will be back next year
Anke, Marc, Frank and Nienke, may 2015

All the stories we’ve heard about sweet Erna and climbing expert Rob are true

Tess, august 2014 (4th time)
I don’t wanna leave, this is my home
Jolanda, Dick, Don and Tess, august 2014 (4th time)
Again it was great; next year again for the 5th time
Janny and Henk, july 2014
Planned to stay only a couple of days… we stayed two weeks
Mieke and Henk, june 2014 (2th time)
Henk said this morning: silence, green, birds… most beautiful campsite in Italy
Jan-Willem and Katinka, june 2014 (10th time)
10 times Picobello and never boaring – See you next summer!
Tine and Jan, may 2014

Time passed by so fast. If there’s a place to come back to than it will be Picobello
Eva, Bart and Maas, may 2014 (2th time)
Rent a Tent; one word: SUPER!
Jovanka and Dirk-Jan, april 2014 (9th time)
Best campsite in the world… and beyond

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